Our house is located in the vicinity of Barcelona, where you can find all kinds of environments and fun.

Here we attach a map of major cities that you can visit during your stay…

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About Barcelona…

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world. It has a huge number of attractions including a city centre which retains its medieval street plan; one of the world’s most famous streets (the Ramblas, shown, right), some stunning modernist architecture including several buildings by Gaudi (the Sagrada Familia, the Casa Milà…), Spain’s most famous architect; dozens of museums including one dedicated to Picasso, another to Miró and yet another to Barcelona’s world famous football club, Barça! Barcelona is almost as lively at night as it is during the day and it has a unique, exciting atmosphere, which provides the visitor with a truly unforgettable experience.

There are two major arts festivals during the year, one in the summer (the Grec) and one in the autumn (La Mercé), and there are concerts and shows of different kinds happening all the time.

The city enjoys an almost perfect climate making it an ideal place to be at any time of the year. It even has its own 4 kilometers of sandy beaches, which are less than 15 minutes away from the school.

The city’s geographical position also makes it the easiest (and cheapest) Spanish city to reach from the rest of Europe and there are direct flights from most cities in the world to its prize-winning international airport.

Caldes de Montbui

Caldes de Montbui is a town with over 13,500 inhabitants and is located about 30 km from Barcelona, in an area of fractures and folds that favor upwelling of thermal waters. These waters have a temperature above 76 º C., the highest in the peninsula and the second in Europe. The municipality covers an area of 37.94 km2 and the urban core is at an altitude of 203 m.
Nature and landscape: The natural history and current street and around the old town of Caldes de Montbui allow us to enjoy nature and get into the history of the villa. Caldes de Montbui offers various itineraries and small walking and bike fit for everyone.


The diversity of cultural and sporting activities which bring together over years, make Caldes de Montbui a dynamic city located in a prominent location within the cultural world. Other activities include exhibitions organized by the Museu Thermalia and others where the various local authorities working together as in the “Festa de Sant Antoni”, “Aplec Remei – The Capvuitada”, “the Fair of the Industry Commerce i “and” Festa del Foc i de l’Aigua. ”


The arrival of the Roman conquerors during the second century AC is the direct antecedent of the present town of Caldes de Montbui. Attracted by the fertility of their lands and especially for the wealth of hot springs, the Romans founded the town of Aquae Calidae, which very soon became the center of health and leisure of the region.

Natural Site Sant Miquel del Fai

The Water

The singularity of Sant Miquel del Fai’s landscape is specially due to the effect of water. In one side, the Rossinyol and the Tenes rivers surround it and the water from rain and thaw filters through the rocks.
Water is responsible for the caves and the curious rocky formations, creating a symphony of waterfalls and small lakes.
Sant Miquel del Fai changes its appearance every season of the year; water modifies its landscape and allows for spectacular images.

The Rock

The rocky walls and the mountain, an imposing and enchanting site. The straight cliff walls formed by sedimentary rocks have different textures and the grotto bursts into this verticality, opening an enormous cavity in the rocky wall.
The Sant Miquel and the Tosques caves gather mystery, darkness and humidity in the always amazing
stalactite and stalagmite formations. In Sant Miquel del Fai you can also have a close look at the travertines. The travertines are rocky formations that stick out of the vertical walls. Moss and fern grow due to the running water that comes down the cliff. The water itself carries a lot of carbon covering them and slowly the thickness of the carbonate increases forming the rock and the plant dies leaving an empty space.


During the whole year, we organize all kinds of acts, visits for groups and activities for the little ones. All planned to make it even a more attractive visit so everybody leaves with a good memory.

On Sundays at Sant Miquel del Fai, you can always find a surprise. The Natural Site held shows, workshops, sports… All these funny experiences are the perfect complement to the visit.

Sant Llorenç del Munt i L’Obac

Located near the town of Terrasa, the park covers an area of 13, 694 ha, among which are the Sierra de Sant Llorenç del Munt, and L’Obac. Within this area lies the Sierra Prelitoral Catalana. The landscape that provides this environment, rocky and rough, is formed by water erosion on limestone, cusing also underground, to a variety of formations. Among the highlights vegetation the Presence of endemics as the crown of queen, or bear’s ear, but what prevails is ak, aleppo pine, scots Pine and lauricio. There is to great wealth of wildlife, finding species native to the Mediterranean and Central Europe. Stand bats, living in caves, but you can also see animals like wild boar, marten, squirrel, hawk pregrino, etc … Also Offers The park cultural value, and that within you can see it Romanesque church, as the monastery of Sant Llorenç del Munt, dating from the middle ages.

  • Area = 9638
  • Fauna and Flora
  • Abundance and diversity of fauna.

Cultural Activities:

The massif de Sant Llorenç del Munt and L’Obac is an area of attraction for mountain sports, Primarily due to allow reliefs Their steep climbing and Other Activities. Regulated Although this has-been, Because human presence Excessive Was Damaging the ecosystem and to scare away the birds.


The Sant Llorenç del Munt massif and the Obac mountains have a great hiking tradition. Trails to very remarkable and interesting sites start from several points and can be followed with the help of available maps and guides. These include the following trails that have been signposted by the Natural Areas Department:

  • To the Drac cave via La Mola
  • The Ral way
  • The caves of Mura: among valleys and cliffs
  • To La Mola from Coll d´Estenalles
  • Over a thousand springs
  • Caverns, farmhouses and mills
  • The Nespres stream
  • The La Portella spring
  • Dry stone
  • The Talamanca stream
  • The tower of Vacarisses
  • From Sant Llorenç Savall to Vacarisses
  • The wine vats of the Flequer Valley
  • The Horta Valley

Complete itineraries information may be found at itineraries on foot which may be consulted on the Internet.

Below the Mola Mountain.

Forest, pathways and Excursions.

Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac Natural Park is located in the sector of the Catalan Pre-coastal mountain range that rises between the regions of El Vallès Occidental and El Bages, and occupies an area of nearly fourteen thousand hectares.

It has a rugged landscape of proud cliffs and original monoliths, with vegetation spread over the mountain tableland or sunk in its characteristic potholes and channels.

The Natural Park comprises two main crests that are linked crosswise to the Coll d´Estenalles, stretch from north to south and descend on both sides into abundant, deep hollows. The highest peaks are La Mola (1,104 m) and El Montcau (1,056 m).

Since 1972, the Sant Llorenç del Munt massif and the Obac mountains have been protected legally by a special plan promoted by Barcelona Provincial Council. Modifications to the plan implemented in 1982 and 1998 led to the current protected 13,694-ha area.

The Department of Natural Areas of Barcelona Provincial Council manages this area in collaboration with the region’s municipalities and the different sectors involved.

The main objective in managing the Natural Park is to make use of participatory formulas and consensus in order to comply with the special plan, and to guarantee the preservation of the region´s natural and cultural values, ordeed public use of the mountain and, above all, cultural, educational and scientific requirements, and the socio-economic development of the zone.

Mountain Bike

The truth is that no matter which season are any conditions or terrain, because no one can deny that the people who love sports always make time to practice mountain biking. Bicycles to use need to be well equipped to facilitate in a way, the route that is usually done by these mountain areas.
Importantly, the commonly traveled routes in the area are better suited to these sports, as the nature of Sentmenat often provide the necessary conditions for ciclysts can have fun for a few hours. For this and much more, Spain is the place you should choose for your next vacation.

In the following link you can find difirentes routes you can take in this area:

Link 1

Link 2

Pelham Equestrian Centre

Located in a valley in place of Guana, Pelham Equestrian Centre offers a unique environment for the practice of riding. The warm, family atmosphere and its central location will make you and your family enjoy every moment in our facilities.

The site of Guana is a set of geographic terrain that make up an area of true natural beauty. This place is surely one of the most beautiful areas of the municipality of Sentmenat. The other sites in the area, Fuente de Bou, Can Senosa, la Fuente Falsa, etc. as this place makes it worth a few trips.


  • Session of horse
  • Sale of horses for all riders.School: Any of the activities offered are possible with the client’s own horse or horses to school.
  • Introductory course Horseriding
  • Rent a horseHorse-Camping

Children’s activities:

  • Beginner and advanced classes
  • summer: during the month of July, the children learn to ride horses, scuba diving, swimming and perform a wide range of crafts and theoretical.
  • Birthday celebrations: organize your child an unforgettable party at our centre.

Castellar Equestrian Centre

The Castellar Equestrian Centre is an equine sports club of high performance, located a few kilometers from Barcelona, Sabadell and Terrassa (SPAIN).
It is located on a farm of 42 Ha along the natural park of Sant Llorenç, which facilitates the smooth running of any equestrian activity, whether leisure and sport activities.

In his extensive project was fully facilities to perform any equestrian activity.

This beautiful place has a climate conducive to the welfare of horses.

It has a team of workers ready to provide the best services in breeding, sales, lessons, taming, tame …

Just as it looks for horses feel very well looked after, because after all are the protagonists.

We are specialized on breeding sport horses (dressage or jumping horses) and also import them from central Europe.

Fair Play Golf

Golf is a sport whose goal is to introduce a ball in each of holes distributed in the field with the lowest number of runs, each stroke using one a set of sticks. Who practice golf is called golfer. Golf has its origins in the fifteenth century in Scotland, there are pastors entertained with sticks hitting boulders until you reach a goal. Over time, these pastors have perfected the game and introduced the first rules.

You can enjoy of this unique sport in Fair Play Golf.



Is a young company dedicated to guided tours through the region of Valles (Barcelona).

It is located in Sentmenat, 10 minutes from Sabadell and 20 minutes from Barcelona. Come and try something new, dare to drive a buggy and enjoy the route and the nature that surrounds us. Having the chance to see different landscapes and routes

Combining land with asphalt.

1 hours: To be making contact with the vehicle.

2 hours: To savor and enjoy the environment. Half day: To enjoy it.

From 10h am to 14h pm.

Museum of History of Sabadell

The museum of history of Sabadell is located in a former factory of the nineteenth century and was opened in 1931. In its rooms you can see the different items collected by archaeological excavations of the area, dating from prehistory to the late Middle Ages it. The museum is another area dedicated to the history of textile production in the city in which machine tools are from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries. While the headquarters are in the street Sant Antoni, the museum has several sub-branches spread for several churches and buildings of the city. Is also located a room for temporary exhibitions and a library and auditorium.


Can Mont Cad Restaurant in Sentmenat

The Restaurant offers succulent and exquisite menu of the traditional cuisine emphasizing traditional meats such as beef with mushrooms, chop, roast lamb, the fish: hake, monkfish, sole … and shellfish: lobster …
Can Mont Cad Restaurant is ideal for celebrations. With 6 beautiful rooms and with over 5000 m2 of gardens, making it the ideal setting for the most unforgettable days.

Castell de Guanta Restaurant in Sentmenat

Castell de Guanta Restaurant is a typical Catalan food restaurant with a family atmosphere and a wonderful place to go as the family as with friends next to the Castle of Guanta in nature.
There you can sample traditional cuisine with local produce, of which emphasize the Rabbit Segovia il’espatlla of lamb, in addition to grilled meats.


It was the first mall to be built in Spain. Today, more than 25 years later, has an extraordinary health and vitality. His broad experience and youth and enthusiasm of the more than 25 years are an ideal combination of benefiting millions of customers.
Baricentro now has an excellent range of facilities able to comfortably meet all the needs and expectations of buyers.


* Food
* Accessories
* Appliances
* Supermarket
* Personal Image
* Fashion
* Furniture and home
* Leisure and Culture
* Gifts and toys
* Restoration
* Services


Mojito Club Terrasa

The more international Latin Club, has a striking decor, elegantly dissociating the Caribbean topics and creating a space that fosters creativity. Its large dance floor, the delight of lovers of hot rhythms (Danzoon, salsa, merengue, and Latin dance regaeton). The monthly schedule of artists and dancers from different countries, is one of your bets stronger. Besides the location has a team of DJs and breakers Latino entertainers. Mojito Club is open 365 days a year and every day is a different party.

Espit Chupitos

There are several establishments in and around Catalonia Barcelona (3 locals), Calafell, Lloret de Mar, Sabadell, besides bars have also specialized in nightclubs La Sal and La Fira, in the same city.
Deciding on one or another is difficult, especially if you do not know what their ingredients, but you can always choose what is most typical of the local: the Harry Potter, flamed and a small explosion at the end, the Chupitazo, a huge glass with Peppermint base, or the Torch, which you drink the juice of an orange fire.
If you dare to risk your throat with mixtures rather extravagant, you can always ask of a classic shot, or combined as the all time…


Bora Bora Disco Sabadell

Bora Bora is one of the biggest clubs and is located in the Zona Hermetica Sabadell. Open only from Thursday to Saturday. Making parties and other promotions. On Thursdays admission is free. This is a single room with a wide musical range, mixing reggaeton, house rock and other musical styles.

Puzzle Disco

One of the most memorable rooms in the Zona Hermetica (Sabadell) with a new design that adds a touch of elegance and fun to the new sessions that take place within the room.

All this accompanied a group of waiters luxury, excellent staff installed to ensure a pleasant development for the session, a very animated and daring, the best music of the area thanks to our booth, and an environment incredible thanks to all who attend our parties; PUZZLE makes the best evenings, considered by the public of Vallés.

Women there have a look at our festivals every weekend, find out what we have prepared for Saturday afternoon and enjoy the best moments this season can offer Saturday afternoon in the Zona Hermetica.

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